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Buku: #88 Love Life Diana Rikasari

It still summer, lets celebrate it with something bright and colorful. Even at home and my whole agenda is about pleasure, I think it will be cute to start my day with a light book. I decided to read a new book #88LoveLife by Diana Rikasari and Dinda Puspitasari. Since this book written by english, let me review it by english too. Pardon my words.


Title: #88LoveLife: 88 Thoughts on Love and Life
Author Diana Rikasari
Illustrator: Dinda Puspitasari
Publiser: POP Imprint KPG (Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia)
Category: Self Improvement
Thickness: 128 pages with hardcover and sticker bonus
Edition Language: English
Price: IDR 88,000

This book opened by quote about life with pastel green background and beautiful trinkets, "Don't life to prove or make a point. Just life and enjoy." continue in the next page, a quote about self-acceptance with matching color and clipart image of a stylish woman, suspected as the aouthor's illustration. Then the reader can see the other quotes about life, happiness, balance, peace with the enemy, and etc, which are also filled with pretty pastel colors—pink blue green yellow—like a rainbow and cute illustrations—watermelon ice cream chocolate, a woman stylish wearing many costume from a bear costume to a dress party at every page.

Not only about quotes, the author also poured her opinions on the longer writing seriously, about: positive attitude in life, and how to respond life that is not always perfect. As well as the love story of a writer with a man named S, from the first time they met on campus until their relationship has been running up to eight years. And a deep feeling in the letters to God, feels so personal. It was like reading the diary of a woman who always sailed to be positive.

Review, Buku, Gramedia, Book

The pages of book is not thick, just 88 pages, printed on thick special paper. The reader can begin to read it on any page. Like the message delivered by the author in the preface of this book, "My hope, is that Whenever you feel lonely, or need a friend to talk to, this book can be a spark of motivation, or inspiration, or even Become your friend." so that was I feel as a reader when finishing it, I don't get any tired to see and flipped again the favorite pages.

Quite a lot of the quotes in this book tell the reader what and how happiness it. Matching with the book's appearence, makes the reader indirectly happy when holding and reading it.

Review, Buku, Gramedia, Book, Diana, Rikasari


What makes this book so unique for me?
first reason is, not many Indonesian writers who make self-improvement book with English version and have appearence that is so attractive and cheerful so  the message of this book deliverd easily to the readers. Secondly, this book is very woman with shocking pink hardcover that certainly makes my eyes easily stuck on it. This book is also very good given as a gift, or as a sweetener in the bookshelf. Third, The book's pages and the book's prices have the same number, 88. The fourth is the contents.

I know the consequences of buying a self-improvement book are the encouragement words in it is so cliches that many of us already encounter. I'm personally not so into with self-improvement books because I think the motivation sentence  doesn't much affect to the readers, today we can remember what book said but tomorrow we already forgotten it. So, what makes this self-improvement book difference for me, is the creative appearance. As respect reader, it wort to purchase.

When life is not so color, #88LoveLife book could be coloring it.
When I ran out of dress idea, the illustrations of sylish woman in many page of this book may also be as reference.
When I want to write and draw some pop art theme, this book can be inspire. Moreover, there is a bonus sticker in the last two pages that we can used and sticked anywhere.

Some quotes in this book are not so original from the authors, there are one or two that I've seen and heard, I still respect it positively. After all, it is self-improvement books as a reminder of its readers, isn't it?

This book is not only best seller in Indonesia, but also abroad. Diana Rikasari and Dinda Puspitasari had often come to meet and great across the country, Malaysia. Or next maybe to many other countries, we hope so. No wonder remember Diana Rikasari is a famous fashion blogger Indonesia who well known everywhere. Hopefully many of our young people can Go International with unique works and passion like Diana & Dinda

Review, Buku, Gramedia, Book, Diana, Rikasari

This book review is written to participate on #Reviews4Indonesia movement by NulisBuku.com & Kutukutubuku.com to support Indonesia as Frankfurt Book Fair’s Guest of Honour 2015


  1. oh my God full english...
    dari pertama ngeblog blm pernah bikin postingan yang full english, kapan2 nyoba ah, btw thnk's for inspiring

    1. Sama-sama om broh Yandhi! Masih perlu banyak koreksi, thanks for visiting.

  2. And maybe because it's written in english that's why it so much easier to go international xD
    I have this one too :3

  3. Yeay, I have this book also.. This book not only easy digest and inspiring my daily life, but this book also instagramable! Hahaha.. Nice review, anyway! ;)

    1. Hei, Thank you! Yes I agreee.. it very instagramable :D


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